The Big Word- SEX

Why is that our hormones jump to insignificant levels when we hear the word SEX? We talk about 21st century, how modern and tech-savvy the society has become, how science can leave no opportunity to flabbergast us but what we still lag in is understanding the basic process that brought us into the world. Why is having sex such a shameful act?

We say, India is a land of principles and ethics but not to forget, India is also the land of Kamasutra. Recently I went to Konark Sun temple in odisha. It was made in 12th century by king Narsimhadev I. It had 12 wheels around the temple depicting 12 stages of our life at different times of the day. The workers had honestly portrayed every truth of life in day and night, the pictures of what I’m attaching here.

That temple was also a source of education in past times. To EDUCATE young children about life and its amenities, teachers used the architecture of the temple. Then why, I ask, we can’t accept the beautiful art and an inevitable desire of our lives that were so beautifully carved out on every wall of the sacred place?

Here, hypocrites have taken birth more than usual numbers. They do it, enjoy it , hide it and judge when another person does the same thing. 

The biggest misconception that leads the small minds of big people in this country is considering marriage a certificate of coitus. There are people who are married but not physically involved since years. But we will or are unable to accept any kind of physical relationship before marriage owing it to our little minds.

Why is virginity considered equivalent to piousness of the ethics of a person? Who stores his or her morales down there? Its the heart that keeps the will to work good. 

I certainly believe, there is a right age to be sexually active but people who do it before are not any different. Our minds are becoming sick. Sicker every day. We claim to be the coolest generation of the history but are we still okay with the big word SEX? 

Do we not whisper about orgasms and sexual sane pleasures? Are we not embarrassed when someone asks what level are you on with your boyfriend/ girlfriend? 

Having sex or not is a personal choice that we have no right to know about or judge if we know. Just like personal and professional lives, sexual and moral lives of a person are on a completely different platform. 

Its high time to open up our cages and accept adult life as it comes. Coitus is a beautiful phenomenon that everyone of us would have to experience someday, before or after marriage, that’s for each one of us to decide. 

Till then, question yourself why can you talk about rape and express your aggression but not about sex and express your desires.


2 thoughts on “The Big Word- SEX

  1. A debate worthy to give a thought! I loved this, “Till then, question yourself why can you talk about rape and express your aggression but not about sex and express your desires. ”
    Keep up the great posts.

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