Bare Care

This word LIFE accomodates such wide spectrum of meanings that it attains one specific meaning when one live soul assigns one to it. I’ve tried to justify my existence to my self since when I came to know that no matter how hard you try there will be one piece of error always attached to your castle of blocks. And then my only aim was to satisfy myself, running towards one thing and everything that had the audacity to pacify my thirst. But while I was running, I was leaving the hands of the ones who held them the most tightly. I was jerking off their emotions and kicking their legs if they tried to peep in to what I called “my business”.

Then one day suddenly, she was leaving from home waving me bye while her eyes were drooling love that I refused to look at. Just few minutes later, I had two missed calls.

” Why the hell is she calling again when she had already told me what all I have to do in her absence.?”

I called her back and asked ” Now what, maa?”

It was so hard to listen to what she was trying to say in such a hubbub that it took her a lot of time to gather the strength when, which was easy to sense through the phone, she said “ I have met an accident, please come near the market area.”

That very moment, my heart skipped a beat. I, along with my sister, rushed towards the location and found a smashed car with an uncomfortable turbulence in the atmosphere. My eyes walked 360 degrees to find the lady, I refused to look at 15 minutes ago. And finally I spotted her covered with dozens of people trying to help her. 

That moment when I saw my mother breathing just fine with little bruises here and there, that moment I’d say was my eureka. Even after such a horrible accident, seeing your mother standing on her own legs, was for me nothing less than a miracle. I didn’t have words then and I don’t know even ,now ,how to thank that superpower that saved my mother. 

At night when we returned from the hospital, I sneaked into my mom’s blanket and rested my head on her chest. I could feel her heart beat. For a moment, it was difficult for me to realise that, yes, she is alive. I looked up and watched her rough curls and pale lips, her nostrils moving and neck cracking to and fro in that same peculiar way that it did every night, her old fingers kept on her stomach in that same way and what not.

A drop slipped down from my eyes to my ears speaking messages I wouldn’t want to hear and teaching lessons I wished I wouldn’t have to learn this early.

It said , ” This night, when you have the opportunity to see your mother sleep, don’t miss even the slightest of her glance because you are one of those luckiest kids who have the chance to sleep next to her today. Don’t miss out on how she runs every morning behind you for food and milk when you walk out of the door putting down all her efforts. Don’t miss a chance to adore those hands whose only manicure is a kiss from you. Don’t let go even the minutest second of the day when you have the chance to be with her and you choose your phone over her. Because in letting go such moments, you are missing out on her life which is an uncertain event.”

Parents are the only treasure that a human has but fails to realise. Even if we might have decades to live, they may just have little time left with us. In a rush to have a better life, we often forget to value the reason for our lives. And what do they really ask for?? BARE CARE!!

That night I tried to keep myself fit between the two half-hearts a little more than afore.


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