Concocting Life

Lying on the bed looking at the intricate details of the carvings on the roof, the encircled floral designs captivating my eyes and cornering my mind into subjects that were hard to push in, I heard my heart singing the beats of an unsung heroic anthem. 
What is it

I tried to feel the song more deeply. Just then my heart whispered a jovial ditty to my soul. My veins felt an uncanny pump. 

What makes me so blithely? 

Something inside me is refusing to stay in now. Rarely do I feel such an immense flow of feelings inside me. But this feeling somehow adorns my eyes with stars and lips with a sublime smile. 


But what’s disturbing me now? The fact that I know, I wish I didn’t, is this feeling is so overwhelming and RARE. My mind has always been so jungled with problems and heart with under-pleasing intuitions that the happy neural message took so long to be recognised. 

OH, I am happy” 

The word , ” OH” desolates me. Why staying happy is an art and not an instinct now a days? We literally have to search for happiness but despair comes unbidden. Even I was fretful of not being glad often rather than relishing the much awaited contentment. 

People often say , “ I am sensitive, I get hurt easily”

How often does anyone say ” I am sensitive, I get delighted easily” ?

People are struck with depression but no one with exuberance. Happiness is short lived, but so is misery. We overemphasise despondency and abbreviate jollity.

How beautiful would our lives be if we could reverse it? 

Obviously, grief and pain is worth if happiness is full- lived. Just yesterday, I felt so broken, pain-stricken, unworthy, cry baby, and what not. The best of worst feelings were standing besides my bed. I was at the bow of a drowning ship when something happened to make me feel better. Better? That took me from best of worst to the best of best. That feeling surely is worth chasing. Sometimes fulling the heart is more necessary than fulling the stomach. Abbreviated grief gives you pain but also a signal that the drowning boat will start floating again and the air blowing will touch your face and leave a kiss on your cheeks no later.

Feelings are like a fruit chart. Everyone has their own bowl and recipe with varied amount of salt and spices. Every fruit in it is necessary to enhance the taste of the other. But we can get rid of the ones we don’t like by not throwing it but by chewing them faster. Our lives are no lesser than a bowl of fruit chart. 

Every feeling is worth living since that is the sprinkling spice. The amount of spice doesn’t matter but the duration of sprinkling does. 

So don’t ignore the less spicy spices and afraid of the spiciest spices, just let yourself rejoice every spice that adds an extravagant taste to every fruit. 


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