Verdict Sans Wit 

“I read your blog.”“Did you like it”, I asked.

“Would you mind, if I’d ask you something?” , my friend said.

No.” I responded.

” Where did you copy it from? It was so made-up, unreal, and not surfacing your heart.” 

“Oh, why do you think so? “

” I know you. You can’t write so because you have never been through this. I can discern this. “

This made me glare at him for a second. Just because he didn’t know me enough,he gave his verdict so baselessly! 

Now If I ask you all, haven’t we all done so? Judging someone with an inappropriate cognition of their disposition? And this is hence, a vicious circle. We judge, we get judged.

How many of us have ever tried aggrandising someone? Putting someone down, pushing one into a monotonous carapace, being a snider, questioning one’s ability, and the list goes on. No one of us does anything of this intentionally. The question is that we always complain for being berated, but how many of us accept being antipathetic? 

All of us have something that makes us practise superiority over someone. What makes a difference is that how many of us choose to do so! 
One incident that I recall from school gives me goosebumps even now. 

I was sitting in my class with some of my friends on wooden chairs in a circle discussing random topics and having a great time. Just then a girl came in from the front door wearing her new blue shoes. My friend, sitting next to me popped from her seat and asked the girl ” You wore those shoes by force or because you like to look this ugly? “

And the mouths of us all were ringent. Our eyes were gaping at the rancorousness of her heart. The girl who popped up was fair and slim with small fry facets and the girl to whom she called ugly was brown, pimple-faced and fat with an unbeatable confidence, talent and liveliness. 

Now because the girl was living up to the present definitions of beauty doesn’t mean she can let down any girl whom she wants to. When I asked her the reason behind her senseless comment, she replied ” I didn’t mean to hurt her” .

We all do things without an intention to hurt but why would a sensible person, at first do it? If we are too proud about something, our mind loses control and tongue takes a toll. Making our tongue work without the consent of our mind hurts the heart of the one listening. And then our ego seizes both our mind and our tongue. We don’t want to apologise or for that matter, even accept our mistake. 

This leads us back to the same point. Should we grow a pride-tree using the seeds of our quirkiness? Because if we do, we will have to water it with the tears of other people and water someone else’s tree with ours. 

Judging someone puts us at rock bottom. But how does motivating someone benefits us? 

A few polite words from you delivering someone’s heart the confidence to stand out and a smile to defy negativity should make you feel omnipotent enough


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