The Hegemonic Heart

Its 3:17 in the morning. I am sitting on the bed with a small wooden table before me with chemical engineering books stacked upon it. The sight of the incandescent bulb just above me on the back wall and the room cluttered right to it proportions drives me two years back with me looking at a girl sitting at the exact same place not trying to look up.
” Will you be able to do it?”
” Yes, I will”
And the girl went on to climb the mountain with full will and an unsure conviction. Brimmed up with self doubts, she never looked back except the times when her leg slipped off the rock. But what attracted her to let it slip, get hurt and climb on was the celebrated crest.

Deep inside her heart, she knew she might not be able to scramble up to the summit but she might land few kilometres below it. But what if, few kilometres turned into many and the people watching down there won’t  ever celebrate her venture.
The girl climbed the rock and landed way too low than the pinnacle. All her fears came true. The people down there were set with fiery darts which shoot upon her as soon as she looked down for applause.
” You’ve failed”
“You didn’t work hard enough”
” You must have put in more strength”
” Push more”
Yes, I did fail. I did fall. I could n’t push more. I was n’t capable of more. But what would pull me down?
Blinded with tears and shame, the girl walked down to the edge of falling down to the bottom. Just when her one leg slipped, brain had given up and heart became hegemonic.
Heart questioned her – ” Whom for are you falling down?

“Falling down to the bottom for the people who already are there? Or for the ones who wont be receptive if you would?
Giving up on myself because I could not achieve something for someone is like not eating your birthday cake because few guests did not like it. Because the girl knew,had she really wanted to climb the mountain, she would have. But what if she wanted to go down in the sea and discover the obscure treasures?
Thousands of people in this world are climbing the mountain they would n’t want to because the one they should, they think, isn’t high enough.
How long are we not going to listen to our hearts and tame our minds?
There was a “someone” who contrived the path to his treasure walking past the spikes and pebbles. Don’t be that someone.

Have the courage to contrive your own path and be the notable YOU.

There will be people trying to molest your eccentricity but why would you be the one doing it yourself following something you were not made for?


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