Probing Our Psyche

imageIn my idiosyncrasy to write a blog, I shuffled a number of topics in my mind but could not stick to even one. What would give my blog a breakthrough?
Past? Present? Future? What should I discuss that would leave a long- lasting effect on the readers?
Just then I realised, Is it that important to be the best? Why could I not be less than the best and be buoyant about it?
ACCEPTANCE is what I need and what we all do. What and who brings melancholy in our lives ?
We invite it and our dissatisfaction is its cause. We all run towards a pie enriched with butter, sugar and eggs and ignore the rest. We are taught to appreciate the ones who come first and not discover the veiled talents of the ones who don’t.
If not for others, let it be for oneself. Before we learn to appreciate ourselves, we need to learn to accept ourselves. We say, no one’s perfect but what if we relinquish this belief for ourself?
We all are born with our own knacks and shortcomings but deluged with our inabilities,we fail to see our abilities. Life would be so less gawky if we could accept ourselves. I would not be petrified on the stage, not think twice before raising my hand in the class, not be afraid to meet new people, not question myself on whether they will like me, much more sanguine about myself, confident enough to showcase my talent and accept my limitations.
So why not ACCEPT ONESELF and take a step towards CHERISHING your ABILITIES and your even beautiful SHORTCOMINGS to celebrate this event called LIFE. Because Happiness is too valuable to be sidetracked for our unworthy insecurities.
So Let life happen to you. Let happiness hug you. Let go all the fears and straighten that ugly curve on your forehead and push it down to your cheeks.


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